Welcome to the Monterey Dunes Colony Association Community Website.

The purpose of this site is to keep homeowners informed of the latest events surrounding our community and to be a source of communication between homeowners and elected management. The personal side of the site is password protected. Please contact the Association’s Administrative Office at (831) 633-4000 to obtain your individual password.

The Board of Directors continues to promote the electronic means of disseminating information over conventional, general mailings. This saves your Association staff time as well as our community money and gets important information to you faster. If you have not signed up for this cost-saving program, please call the Association office or drop the office an email at mdcagm@redshift.com and we will include you on the general email list.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve this website, please let us know. This site is evolving daily and your suggestions on how to make it a better, more efficient information tool are important.

You may note that this Website is completely non-commercial in nature. The current Board of Directors supports this concept and has reaffirmed a previous Board decision that this site provide information only to the homeowners it services without commercial advertisements or literature.